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newbie with alot of questions

aww man i freakin' had this all typed out then it erased as i was trying to add tags!!!!!!!!! argh now i have to type it again!!!!
ok i'll try to be quick.
1. wished i had found this site before i order my diva cup may have ordered differently.
2. got the Diva cup on first day of mesus so no chance for a dry run. through this site found out about cutting of steam and the punchdown stlye, much improvement.
3. however... i can't get the cup in enough the the little bit of stem i left for griping doesn't stick out and rub against the left side of my vaginal opening.  if i try to push it higher i swear it's hitting my cervix!!!!  i'm short (4'11") if i bend sideways my ribs rub against my hipbone so i'm sure theres just not alot of room down there. that and through self explorations i've determed that not only is the varginal opening really tight, but i think my cervix tilts off to one side. which brings me to
4. i came across the terms titled uterus, retroverted uterus, and shifted uterus. googled alll three, found ifromation on the first two but not the third. what is a shifted uterus?
5. i normally am bloated and have bad cramps my frist day only, but with the cup i have felt bloated and had bad cramps all daymy 2nd day (today, will see about tommrow). now from reading around i'm hoping the cramps will go away, but if anyone has any other opinion please do share.
6. it's still leaking, about the same as if i tried to wear a tampon (which always hurt, i could always feel it, and always had to wear a pad with it anyways, so i just wore pads.)
7. now these answers i may find on this site yet, but as of yet haven't gotten through the whole site. A. i know you can return the DivaCup upto a year, does that include if you've cut the steam. and B. people were talking about cleaning holes in the cup.....WHAT HOLES??!!??.
8.  i can feel the cup. it feel like i'm walking around with a small dildo shoved up me (not that i would know what it feels like to walk around with a small dildo shoved up me, but work with me here :D
9. ok just some background stuff. my mesus is really heavy (i love the measurments on the cup, so far only two days in i've bleed out 1 and a quarter ounces and still have two more days of heavy-ish flow before it'll petered off) and i have lots of cloting my 2nd and 3rd days.  cept the clots are red not black or brown like people say they should be. i'm 23 but have never had a pelvic exam....i just can't bring myself to let someone i don't know go digging around down there with somthing that looks like a freakin' duck head!!!!! my mom is on my case about it so i sure i will eventually break down and go....maybe..... and finally
10. besides all this i really have enjoyed the freedom having a menstrual cup  brought. last night was the first time in forever that i had my mensus and didn't have to sleep on my stomach with a big overnight pad and still fear leaking out. i've gotten away with just wear liners on my heaviest day and that has just shocked me, i really hope i can work out these few kinks, or order the a different cup if need be because i really am glad i got told about this alternative!  now let's see if i can get this posted without it getting deleted again. :)
Tags: chafing/irritation, cleaning, cramps, first time use, heavy blood flow, leakage & spotting, teething troubles, tilted uterus
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