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Possibly dislocated IUD?

Hi all!

I am new here, got my copper IUD last Tuesday and discovered Livejournal and IUD_Divas the same evening Stats: 26 years old, been living with my boyfriend for a year and a half, no kids yet, but hoping for some in a year or two...

After discovering IUD_divas, I also discovered the concept of menstrual cups, and of course you girls at menstrual_cups. Very curious and impatient I ordered a Lunette right away:o)
It arrived yesterday. I quit my pills the same day I got the IUD, so just as the post insertion bleeding dried up on Thursday, there came the period... So I had been bleeding all week and was quite anxious to try my new Lunette and get rid of those pesky pads.

Tried the cup for a couple of hours yesterday evening and all went well, both the insertion and the removal. So this morning I shoved it in before going to work since I figured it would be my last day of bleeding this time around. No problem getting it in. After work this afternoon I jumped in the shower to freshen up before my boyfriend got home (doctor said not to do anything funny for a week, and time was up;o)

So I tried to take the cup out. I squashed and I squeezed and I huffed and I puffed and finally it came out. I think I broke the seal properly, but at one point I felt a distinct tug on my cervix. So I slowed down, took a few breaths and tried again. This time it came out with only a minor hassle. The problem is that now, a few hours later, I can feel a sort of pain in my lower abdomen, about an inch left of my bellybutton and half an inch down. When I push in with my fingers on the sore spot it feels a bit sharp, as if someone is poking me from inside with a pencil. I did not notice any pains except moderate cramping during the past week.

Do you think I should call the doctor first thing in the morning and ask for a check-up, or is this just a stomach ache blown out of proportion? The very nice doctor did an ultrasound both before and after the insertion, and everything looked fine then. Could I have dislodged the IUD somehow? I could not find that I had squeezed the cup together enough to catch the strings, although they do seem a bit long now. Since I only had it for a week I really don't know what to expect. There is definitely no hard plastic bit poking out of my cervix though. Since I first noticed the pain about an hour ago, it seems it has gotten worse, but I feel that could just as well be because of my poking into my belly and concentrating and worrying... So I'll try to sleep on it and see if it helps if I relax...

I will be very grateful for any comments...
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