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bad cramping in rectal region

I hope this makes it to the right place (this is my first time here). 

I've been the owner of a Diva Cup (smaller size) for about a year and a half now. The first few months were totally awesome, and I was so happy to find something other than wasteful and expensive tampons! Then I started getting cramping. I usually get abdominal cramps during my cycle, but when using the cup, I started to get them in my rectum. It's not always associated with bowel movements, but sometimes it is. If I do have to do a BM, the cramping certainly makes it difficult and extremely painful. Even passing gas during these cramps is almost impossible. They seem to be aggravated when I do a lot of walking as well. 

Has anybody here heard of this or experienced this? Any suggestions? It seems so weird that for the first few months, there wasn't a hitch at all. I've tried the cup a few times since then, but the cramps always drive me back to tampons :o( 

I'm so glad I found this community and I hope there are some answers out there!
Tags: bowel movements, cramps, divacup, sports/physical activities
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