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Spring Break, saved!

I have been using my diva for about 2 years now and I love it. I wasn't even phased at all when I discovered that my period and my spring break were the same week. However, I forgot to pack my cup and was locked out of my dorm. I was pretty distraught until I remembered that a local store called Earth Fare carries cups. I convinced the friend I was staying with to take me over there, and sang her the praises of cups the whole time.
I didn't have to worry about my period at all. Just cleaned it in the morning and maybe at night and I was good through it all (including swimming and 12 hour car trips). I told the 3 girls I was on vacation with about it and while I don't think any of them will be buying one any time soon, at least they know about it. Plus it took me a lil while for the idea to sink in when i first heard about it.
I was a bit bummed about having to spend $30 on new cup when the one I have is perfectly fine, but I sort of look at it as a bonus since i now have two cups and don't have to worry if something happens to one.
Oh I also experienced my first 12 plus hours with the cup in stank! But it wasn't that bad and it went away fairly quickly. I was confused before when I had heard about it, thinking "why the hell would you smell your cup?" But now i see it's sort of impossible not to when that happens hehe.

Just wanted to share my fab vaca with the Diva with you all.
Tags: success stories

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