libchristian (libchristian) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Different Folds?

Hello :-) I've been learning about the different folds, and I have found pictures of the following:

1) C-fold: Fold flat, then in half.

2) Punch-down fold: Push one point on the rim in, then fold so that the point exactly opposite it is on a pointy end.

3) 7-fold: Like a C-fold, except then take one end of the C and slide it below the other.

But what is the origami fold? I can't find a picture anywhere.

Also, a couple of times in the archives people have referred to a U-fold, like saying "more of a U-fold than a C-fold." How can those 2 be different??

Any help appreciated.

Tags: diagrams & pictures, insertion - folding methods

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