elgrabo (elgrabo) wrote in menstrual_cups,

too big to put in, too small to get out

I'm 27 never had a child. I bought the size 1 Diva cup since I thought I was petite and sometimes large tampons can be painful. I was so excited to use my Diva cup! It's a little hard to insert because it feels like it's too big. WIth some effort i usually jam it in there, it feels like it opens, but I can never grab it and turn it 360 degrees like the instructions say. I've aimed it toward the tailbone and wore it low. It feels comfortable when I wear it. But when it's time for removal- yikes! The cup rises up like crazy in me. I can barely grab the stem and then I have to push push push to grap and squeeze the bottom of the cup and pull it out. This has happened every time I have used it. It feels like it's too big width wise but too small length wise. Should I try the size 2 cup?

Tags: insertion - painful or problems
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