iTravel (ex_itravel) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Base of cup pressing on a nerve?

I used my DivaCup for the first time in January.  Due to discomfort, I eventually cut the stem off completely.  Even without a stem, I notice a pain as though the base of the cup is pressing on a nerve and this causes a pain that I can feel down my left leg and even in my foot.  I have tried multiple methods of insertion, and tried to change the position of the DivaCup, but the cup always seems to settle into the same position, which is with the base pointing slightly to the left and with that feeling of pressing on a nerve.  Because of this problem, I decided to try the MooncupUK.  Because it is shorter than the DivaCup, I was hoping that the base would sit higher and I wouldn't have any problems.  I found that I had to cut the stem completely off on this as well, but I still have the same problem with the Mooncup.  While I have managed to go an entire day on a couple of occasions, and have no problem with leaking, I have not been able to figure out what the problem is, even after contacting DivaCup and Mooncup.  Neither company has heard of this problem before. I am really hoping that someone here will be able to assist me.

Tags: chafing/irritation, divacup, mooncup (uk)
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