Lnorigb (lnorigb) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Bubbles Softly Vibrating?

so i thought i had my phone set to vibrate and somehow i had stored it on my lower belly uterus region and someone was repeatedly calling me...none of the above, it was my cup being silly.


it was my first insertion and then i took it out to dinner to celebrate!! the soft strange feeling began approx 2 hours after insertion.

i dunno if the placement was too low too high too something, but it was def. vibrating softly or bubbly like carbonation.  wtf???

upon returning i removed her and oh wow was that a little shock of suction pull out!! i've got to be careful cos Miss Penny (iud)  has 11 years left on her lease and she's a good tenant.  i hope these two grrls get to be good roommates.

back to the topic. bubbles? vibrations? bad technique? good technique? just teething pains? info please...



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