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In January I had a committee meeting and started my period during the meeting... but I didn't have any period 'gear' with me. So, I went to a health food store on my lunch break to get the hook-ups and while I was there I noticed the packaging of the DivaCup. When I purchased mine, I got it online (through Rhythm & Blues Pads) and it came basically in a clear plastic bag with a dark purple cardboard stapled to the top (to close the bag). The cardboard had the DivaCup logo and all, and it still came in the dark purple and flowers carrying case with the Diva pin. However, the packaging I noticed in the store was like bright-hot-pink-fluorescent and crazy-aquamarine-knock-your-socks off kind of coloring. I used to work as the assistant manager of a shoe store that sold high end and orthopedic needs shoes. At one point we got some fancy shoe inserts (pads, heel grips, etc.) from a company that wanted us to pick up and sell their brand. The products themselves were fabulous. The shoe inserts came in hot pink boxes shaped like little purses. We ended up not carrying the brand, after much discussion, and one of the reasons had to do with the packaging. The assistant manager previous to me pointed out that the packaging on that brand seemed like it was made by Barbie and that it might be insulting or off-putting to adult/grown/professional women. It wasn't the only reason we didn't carry the brand, but it was a huge factor in our decisions about it (especially considering that our store also served men). I got to thinking about all of this when I saw the actual packaging for the DivaCup. I was trying to imagine why they might have chosen the colors/decorations that they did. It seems like colors and such that would really appeal to adolescent girls (or maybe just girls at heart?) but the DivaCup also seems a little cost-inhibitive for the young girls that the packaging would be attractive to. I know a lot of brands have bright packaging or logos to help with name recognition, but the DivaCup isn't something that you really make a repeat purchase out of, so that reasoning doesn't seem to work for it either. I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the packaging of the DivaCup or ideas on the company's thoughts therein. I know a while back we had a discussion about the longevity of the brand because of the nature of the item (only needing 1 or 2 and not having to buy several, etc.). Hopefully this discussion would also be appropriate for the forum.

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