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dry run with the mooncup UK

Oh my gosh, my Mooncup is love.  I wrote a few weeks back, worried that I wouldn't be able to use it because I basically have the use of only one hand.  Wouldn't you know it, my Mooncup arrived the week after I got my period.  But I thought I'd do a dry run or two to try it out.

I used the C fold and found that if I held it near the rim and kind of ran my finger along side while pushing it in that it really helped.  It unfolded right away, but then the stem was poking me.  I made the mistake of just sort of yanking it out and ohmygawdithurtlikeheck!
Yesk, I know now to kind of push down with my muscles and use a finger to break the monster suction.

I chopped off most of the stem and put it back in again today.
I actually had it in for a few hours today and it was so comfy that I forgot about it.
Then during a heated game of scrabble with the husband I remembered that it was in there, and told him how fabulous it is.  He doesn't want to hear about it.  He also doesn't want to hear about all of the other uses I have for my menstrual blood, yay herb garden!
So I just had to tell someone.  I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm really, really excited for my period to come.   I should have gotten a cup years ago.
yay menstrual cups!
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