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Successful insertion... need to work on removal

Hello all :)

Following the supportive comments I received on my other post, I decided to try my Mooncup out tonight. And... it went in! I was absolutely amazed it went in, due to my condition. However, I later had problems getting it out (no pain, just couldn't get a grip as I couldn't insert enough fingers far enough), and struggled for about 20 minutes with it. My post is quite wordy so I'm going to attempt one of the cut things...

I dilated first with my largest dilator (35mm in diameter - I have vaginismus, a condition where the vaginal muscles involuntarily spasm, or stay in a tightly contracted position & have to be convinced to open, for anyone confused) for quite a long time, so I was nicely warmed up and well lubricated.

I used the 'punch down' fold. I'm so glad I saw all the photos of the different types of fold. I really struggled to hold a 'C' folded cup, since when you hold it close to the base it pops out. But the 'punch down' didn't pop out, and seemed quite small. I was dubious as to whether I would be able to insert it - although in its folded state it is smaller than my larger dilator, it isn't as tapered.

However, to my complete surprise it went in! I did have to help it a little (I remembered a comment from here where some said you have to ease it in, like eating a big sandwich), but it slid in, and I could not feel it at all once it was in!

I'm not sure if it opened properly, & I tugged on the stem and it popped out.

I decided to try again, and again it just slid in. I was amazed - I walked about and did some kegels (it's good to have something to resist against).

However, this time I couldn't get it out! Luckily since I'd already been able to remove it once, I knew I didn't have to panic, and that it would come out eventually, but it took me about 20 minutes to finally get it out. I was pulling on the stem so hard I thought I'd pull it off. I just wasn't able to get enough of a grip on the base of the cup. I was able to slide one finger partway up beside the cup to break any seal (though I can't be sure there was one), but I couldn't get my finger & thumb in to pull on the base.

At the moment the stem does not hurt - I can occasionally feel it (though it doesn't protrude). I will have to trim it eventually, but I don't think I'll be doing that until I can remove it competently - I need it as a safe guard.

I'll keep on practising insertion & removal. Obviously, I'll also have to get to the point where I can insert it without having spent an hour warming up first! I also need to make sure it's making a seal - should I be able to feel it pop open?

But - thanks to the support - I've made the first step in trying it and am still completely gobsmacked that it not only went in, but that I couldn't feel it when it was inside. I just wanted to share (and see if anyone could offer removal tips!).
Tags: dry run, first time use, mooncup (uk), removal - painful or problems

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