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First run - its ok, but I still feel it


So this is my first run with the Divacup, for the past three days.  At first I was extremely confused - I don't know what I would have done without this community!  Thank you! 

The Background:
I've been using tampons (the Natracare organic cotton) and I've been ok with them, but the dryness was starting to get to me, so I thought I would give the cup a try.  I bought the Divacup model 1 (the smaller one) even though I am 33 (no children) as it was only recently that I was ever even able to use the Natracare Super size tampon, and even then sometimes I had to use the smaller one and just change it ever hour just cuz the larger one seemed too big (the cotton tampons have a noticably lower capacity than the OB's.)  My flow is fairly light, so I thought I could handle the model 1.

The Setup:
I found that the origami method of inserting worked to get it in pretty easily (thank you to the awesome member with that post with all the pics!.)  I was not able to twist it with it in me, so after inserting, I do a few kegels and move around, and in a minute or two, I feel this *ugg* in my lower abdomen, which I take to be the Divacup opening and sealing.  I've had some very light spotting (I don't need to wear a pad) the entire time, but I take it that is because it takes me a minute to seal.

The Problem:
However, it hasn't been as perfect as I had hoped it would be.  Basically, I have a constant full feeling in my vagina.  I trimmed the stem down to the last tick mark, and I get it up as far as I can, but it is still just barely inside my vagina, which is ok, except I can still feel the whole thing inside.  The feeling is enough to make me not want to exercise, although I can go about my daily life without feeling too oogy for the most part - more that I notice its there.  Is it possible that I should have bought the larger size for this problem? (I can't imagine why, but who knows.)  I've been thinking about switching to the Mooncup UK since it is shorter (by a whole 7mm!), but I don't know if it would improve this problem.  If so, should I get the larger size or the smaller?  Perhaps I just need to get it up higher, but for the life of me, I don't know how.  It all I can do to get it all the way in at all.

Such a long post for such a little problem it seems...maybe I'm expecting too much, but I really want this cup to work well enough to give up tampons all together.

Whatdy'all think?
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