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Well.... first time... feeling?

Well guys, I got my diva in for the first time. On the first try I used the punch down fold and thought it was in ok (opened inside and then I was trying to push it up). Felt like I had a seal, but then when I got back to my desk, i could feel the cup a lot, like it might have been sitting too low. Went back and trimmed off the whole stem (during my dry practicing I had cut off half and thought that was fine - guess not). For the second try I used the origami fold (popped right open no problem) and think I got it in higher than before. But I think can feel it when I walk and shift when sitting. I can't tell if I have it in the right place or if I might have scratched myself a little bit messing with it and maybe it's because my walls are irritated? Something just doesn't quite feel right.

Any suggestions? :/
Tags: chafing/irritation, divacup, first time use, teething troubles

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