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Mooncup UK & Lunette: My 4-Cycle Review

Hi everyone. Back in December I posted about my order of a Mooncup UK and a Lunette. I also posted about my first-time use of the Mooncup. That post can be seen here. Anyway, I've now completed 4 cycles (2 with each cup) and here afre my official findings! ;)

So my December use with Mooncup, as stated in my previous post, was pretty much a success after I trimmed the stem. In January I used my Lunette. I tried it with the stem intact at first. But I could feel it and knew that I didn't really need it, so I cut the majority of it off. I had no problem with insertion, but I couldn't get the cup to open. There were times I thought it was, but found out it wasn't. It may be because Lunette is bigger than my Mooncup. (FYI, I had ordered the small Mooncup because I am borderline, and figured that if it was too small that Lunette would be fine.) Anyway, through the course of that cycle, I figured out how to get my Lunette open. With a finger inserted alongside the cup, I have to push out on the vaginal wall to sort of give the cup room. When I do this, it pops open and I can then feel at the top of the cup just to make sure. I think that has kind of convinced me that practically any size cup would fit me. :D It's not uncomfortable at all and, given the nature of the vagina, I have no fears about it stretching me out or whatever.

Anyway, there was one night while wearing the Lunette that I had a bit of leaking. But this was my heaviest day and I only leaked a tiny bit when I got up in the morning to use the bathroom. Yep, the cup was full. But the lovely Lunette held all but a few drops until I made it to the bathroom to empty it.

One difference I noticed right away was that Lunette's holes definitely seem to trap blood more easily than the Mooncup. Generally I was able to get blood out with the water-fill, upsidedown, squeeze method. But I did invest (ooooh, a whole $2) in some interdental brushes that someone (sorry, I forgot who!) suggested on here. And they work like a charm.

So February I used my Mooncup again. Zero problems. It was awesome.

Just finished my period today, using the Lunette. And now that I know how to make sure it's open, there were zero problems this month.

So all in all, if I had a gun to my head and had to pick one, I would pick the Mooncup UK. But that's only because it opens a bit more easily for me and the holes don't get clogged. That being said, I am going to continue to use both cups. I love having two just in case something happens to the other one. And I love them so much that when I travel I never ever put them in checked baggage. I always put them in my carry-on (which gets searched multiple times literally every time I travel, though not due to the cups). I may even try a Diva at some point just to see what it's like.

Seriously, girls. What were with thinking with those nasty wads and diapers? :D I think I hate the tampon/pad industry now. Someone was talking about how they've always got something new. And yeah, they do and it always sucks! And sucks you dry if it's a tampon. Ha ha. Anyway, I hope the cup industry will survive. They really are the greatest invention. Forget sliced bread. ;)
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