befulina (befulina) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I've noticed that there are quite a few doctors and med school students posting....I'm pre-med, and was wondering if anyone had found any studies on menstrual cups? (my college is private and undergrad only, so we don't subscribe to medical journals :P) Also, after hearing about so many (usually male) gynos who are against the cup, I'd really like to hear reasoning from doctors who DO use it. I'd really just like to know actual supported facts about health advantages/disadvantages. I love my DivaCup (I'm only on my 4th day with it), and am looking forward to a long, healthy relationship with it!!

As a side note, how long do you all normally leave it in for? I mean, if its a lighter day and not going to fill up, how long can it be in for?
Tags: health risks
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