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One more reason I love my cup...

My boyfriend and I managed to get our hands on some $5 IMAX tickets for the midnight premier of "The 300" last night/early this morning, and we ended up triple-dating with two other couple friends of ours. Around 11 PM, one of the girls, whom I've known since the sixth grade (we're 20, 21 now) asks if I can accompany her to the restroom. She confides in me that her period is starting, but she had forgotten to put any tampons in her purse. I'm thinking "Gee, my Diva is in my purse currently, taking up little to no real space, but I can't lend it to her!" The bathrooms in that theater are huge, and we could not find a tampon vending machine. We find lip gloss, body stickers, even Advil, but tampons? Oh, there they are! They're Tampax Compact, which she doesn't know how to use! It took her a good ten minutes to figure it out.

I've been trying to convince her of the Diva's awesomeness, but subtly, and last night she was like, "Oh that's right.... Damn, I should get one!" The whole situation made me love my little cup even more!
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