befulina (befulina) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Diva cup = awesome?

I just got my diva cup a few weeks ago, and was super excited to get my period (thats a first) so i could try it! after struggling all morning, taking a break, and trying for a good while this afternoon, i couldn't get it in!!! it hurt like hell and just wouldn't go in! finally i got it in, but then it wouldn't open. anyway, i found this site (which is amazing!), and thanks to all the tips and tricks finally got the damn thing in! i finally ended up using the oragami fold while squatting in the shower, and it went in really easily. i do have a question can you tell if its suctioned? i tried to feel up a little bit, but couldn't tell. it feels comfortable when i'm standing (i can feel it while sitting though...maybe from the little pully-tab thing?) anyway, thanks for all the helpful advice...i was just so excited to finally get it to work that i had to tell someone!
Tags: first time use
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