warmtea87 (warmtea87) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Pain while lying down?

I'm on my second cycle with the Diva Cup. During my first cycle I really didn't have any problem except that the stem was bothering me a little bit the first day. Unfortuantely during this cycle I have found a huge problem. The stem of my Diva Cup seems to hit the side of my vaginal opening and seems to move up when I sleep on my side. If I change position, like sit up or stand, everything is great. This wouldn't really be a problem even if lets say I could sleep in a different position, but I often end up sharing my bed with my boyfriend and my 3 month old daughter (who refuses to sleep alone and wakes up as soon as I leave the bed)...and being as we have a smaller bed, I don't really have alot of room to sleep on my back or belly. Also, because all of this happens while I am sleeping, I don't notice it until I have woken up, so by them I'm in terrible pain. I'm also pretty tired of getting up in the evening and mornings to change the cups position. So what am I doing wrong? What should I do about this? I have thought about trimming the stem, I don't think I really need to it remove my cup, but I think the end, even if I trim the cup will still cause this problem.
Tags: chafing/irritation, stem length/trimming

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