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cup love icons

Hi everyone!

As some of you might remember, I did a research project about alternative menstrual products a couple months ago. That's finished and now I've moved on to another one. This time, I'm going to study menstrual cups specifically and it will be a much longer paper than before. Eventually (probably not until fall semester '08), I'll even attempt to interview people about their love of menstrual cups. I'm not quite there yet, however. Right now I'm doing some really preliminary research.

I've noticed that some of you have userpics featuring cups. I'd like to start a collection of them to analyze (eeep, don't be afraid) and for something neat to look at when I eventually present my research. I will give credit to the artists, but I won't do anything invasive like link to your livejournal in my paper.

So if you want, show me your icons of cuppy goodness. It's for the good of academic womankind. :)
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