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Diva Sterilization

I've had what my Doctor thought was BV for about 6 months. (turns out they don't even know what's going on anymore, but I have a lot of bacteria) Last month on my period I got my cup in the mail and promptly inserted it...I was feeling a little discomfort after inserting it, so I went through the memories here to figure out a possible solution...

I discovered through the memories that vaginal infections + my diva = bad idea. Doh! Why didn't I even think about that?! So, I've heard of using hydrogen peroxide for killing the bacteria, and the little pamphlet says that's a bad plan. However, I've also heard that many of you girls have been using HP diluted with no problems. Anyway, I decided to use a tea tree and warm water solution to soak my cup in for about 3 minutes. I put it back in the cotton bag and gave it no thought since.

I guess I'm wondering now if that would have killed the bacteria and done the trick. Should I re-sterilize and wash the bag? What have you ladies done to sterilize if you've used your cup during an infection?

What i'm really pissed about is now it's period time and I really want to use my cup because I've been using pads for my infection and I'm all raw. (I HATE PADS!) However, vaginal infections + my diva = bad idea. GRRR.

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