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New Diva user

Hi, my new Diva just arrived in my mailbox a few days ago, and I've done a couple of dry runs since. I took hell of a time inserting it using the C-fold, and it hurt pretty much. But I was surprised at how much I couldn't feel it when it's already inside. When I removed it though, I was sure I had  pinched the base of the cup before pulling it out, but the suction was still there, and it stung so much. After that I realised that I hadn't remembered to turn the cup when it was in to make sure that it was fully open. But if there was strong suction, does it mean that it has fully opened up?

After reading posts here, I tried the punch-fold and origami-fold and insertion was much easier. I have a question though. During insertion, how do you gals usually position the cup? With the folds or the smooth surface facing upwards? I started with the folds facing upwards, but when the cup pops open when it's halfway in, the rim of the cup ends up outside on the top, and I have to try over again.

Another thing is that, since the cup pops open halfway before I push it all the way in, is it for sure that it is fully opened up? I tried to stick my finger in to feel the sides of the cup and find that it's always dented at the front and back. Not folded, but just dented. Is that normal? Or am I still doing it wrong? But the rims are already tight against the vaginal walls. And when I feel up my vaginal walls without the cup in it, the walls feel the same shape, and I felt that the cup couldn't possible open up to the way it originally is when it's inside. And I'm unable to twist it at all when it's inside me. I've tried too many times, but it really just won't turn at all. Any advise?

One last thing. Any of you wear the cup even on days without periods, because of vaginal discharge? Does it help to collect the discharge as well? I usually experience discharge most days, but I'm not sure if it's from the cervix, or just the vaginal walls. If it's from the vaginal walls, the cup wouldn't be able to collect it, would it?

Anyway removing the cup doesn't sting anymore with some careful maneuvering, thanks to the posts I've read up on here. Thanks girls!
Tags: insertion - folding methods, popping open
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