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Hi everyone. I just wanted to say thanks for having this community. I've been thinking (theoretically) about a Keeper for some years, but never had the courage to try it (I'm a virgin and have never used tampons). After reading all the posts and comments here back to January 06, I got up the courage and bought a Divacup at Whole Foods! Now I have to get up the nerve to use it - it looks so big! But the idea is such a great one. I'm willing to try anything to stop hating that time of month as an "icky time."

Btw, I joined lj and then searched communities for "menstrual cups" to start posting - and didn't get menstrual cups as a result!!! I got natural living, other menstrual communities, but not this one. Maybe other people are looking for it too and not finding it - the tags may need to be checked.

Again, thanks for everyone for being open about their problems and successes.

~ Lib
Tags: divacup, virginity, where to buy

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