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Question about the holes in Divacup

Hi everyone. :)

I've been checking out this community for a little while now and reading a bunch of the posts. I finally joined, so here I am (in the US).

So... I was convinced to order a divacup (smaller size - I'm 30 & never had kids) and give it a shot since I despise pads, tampons, and that "smell".

I'll probably have more questions at a later date, but here's my first one.

The thing that concerns me is how I keep hearing that the holes are small and hard to clean. I'm also afraid of the super suction I've read about (especially since I'm considering an IUD).

So my question is... Is there a way to make the holes bigger? (For example, I own a dremel with very small jewelry making size drill bits). I ask because I go camping/gaming on some weekends and cleaning my cup properly could be problematic. (The sinks are on the outside of the building in full public view even though the toilet stalls are inside, and I may not have a chance to grab a bottle of water to take in with me either). So I'm concerned with the holes getting clogged and not being able to clean them efficiently/quickly and thus leading to leaks/seal/suction problems while out in the middle of the woods. I'd also like to not kill my insides trying to remove the cup and suction since I tend to be on the small side.

I'm also now wondering if I should have gotten a Mooncup (UK) instead? I ultimately chose the Diva because of the 1 year guarantee though I was leaning towards the Mooncup. I've never even heard of anything like this before several weeks ago.


p.s. This community is wonderful with the amount of information here! :) Thanks much!
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