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Lunette Letter

I just got a Lunette, and want to share the letter I received along with it, as I found it amusing! I ordered it from Finland, was pleasantly surprised at how easy that was, and it came in very quickly - much faster than my DivaCup did.

Greetings and thanks for buying from e-store. From here begins your new, easier life!

Here are couple practical tips to remember:

Careful hygiene of hands is more than important.
Take your time to learn how to use a cup. Everyone finds ones own routines that suit best only after a while when getting used to idea. You can "pre-rehearsal" the usage of a cup before a real action.
During first times, use of lubricant helps to get started. But, please, use only water based lubricants, because oil based ones harm the material of the cup.
Remember also read instructions for removal.
More precise instructions you will find from our web sites!

Please note that 14 days right to return applies only to non-used products in their unopened packages because of a special nature of the product.

With kind cup greetings, customer service

It was just so charming it had me giggling. Oh, and they sent two pieces of candy along with it?? It might be gum - I haven't tried it yet. Such thoughtful folks. Now I want to visit Finland!

I'll post a comparison of the Lunette to my DivaCup once I try it out. :)
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