Vee (vsee) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cup use during an MRI

I have to have an MRI done on Monday. I think that I will be more or less finished with my period by then, so hopefully this won't even be an issue, but I was wondering if anyone knew if it was safe to use a cup during an MRI. Since it's 100% silicone I assume that it would not disrupt the scanner, and since this is not an abdominal exam, they might not have any problems. (I certainly wouldn't leave it in without telling the person running the machine, of course. Just wondering if anyone has ever had this issue come up before. It's the first time I've had to have this done, and I'm nervous enough as it is...just don't want to be worried about this, too.) I can probably get away with nothing in even if I have a few drops still flowing...but it might be embarassing, because you have to change into their clothes before getting in the scanner, as I understand. Can't wear anything of my own.
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