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I ordered a MoonCup, and just got it in the mail yesterday. Good timing, I'm already on my period. To my surprise, I got it in after only 3 tries. A brief flash of pain as it popped open, then nothing. I can't feel it at all, and I'm just overjoyed! But within a matter of minutes after putting it in, it starts to leak. Alot. I mean, it's a flood. The strangest thing is that I was almost completely dry when I put it in. I have days where my period slows down immensely, and then slowly starts back up again. So for it to be dry one minute and then flooding the next...well, it's suspicious. Not to mention I am 99% sure that the cup is in right and should not be leaking. My first thought was that maybe I broke my hymen. I've never had more than a regular sized tampon up there, and while I do occasionally ride horses, I know that doesn't always constitute an already broken hymen. But if that was the case, would it really bleed that much? I was always under the impression that the hymen would only bleed a small amount. Anyway though, I clean up the leakage and it seems to have stopped, so I just figure it's the hymen.

Now, a couple hours go by and I feel leaking again.  Now I'm really confused, because why would the hymen stop and start bleeding again? Even more suspicious now. Maybe the cup is in wrong. I take it out, empty it (only a little in there), and put it back in. Origami fold, twisted it a little to make sure it was open, pulled the stem forward a little, all that jazz that I spent weeks reading up on. I just know it's in right.

So after a few hours of me constantly checking on it, there's no leaks. I go to bed. When I wake up again (6 hours after I put it in), its leaking.  In my groggy state I really did not want to deal with it so I pulled it out, planning on putting a tampon in instead. Now here's something weird. There is absolutely no blood in the bottom of the cup. None at all, it's completely clean. There's some on the rim, and a little on the outside. It's almost as if the blood went completely around it! What am I doing wrong?

Edit: Thank you all so much! I'm pretty sure that was it, everything seems to be a-okay now. :)
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