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So, i got my MooncupUK in the mail two days ago, and it seems my period decided to hang out long enough (yeah, two weeks long enough) to try it.

After playing around, and some wiggling and mental lookups through the things i've read on here, i got it seated properly and decided my stem was too long (so i trimmed it, after somehow popping the super suction, and removing) I put it back in, and there was much squeeing from me :) SOOO Excited. :))))

This morning, in the shower, i decided to remove, dump and clean it. So i reached up, pinched, felt the suction release and started to remove.

THE SUCTION SOMEHOW CAME BACK! I may have stopped pinching. :/

Anyway, i ended up gouging myself with my nail trying to push down, and pull out and man, that was non fun. I hope it gets easier.

Anyone else traumatize yourself or scratch your poor girl parts (inside!) while trying to remove???

Thanks for all your wonderful suggestions, and for helping me decide which cup to get!!! Im really grateful that you girls are around.:)
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