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Diva love

So I know that when I started researching menstrual cups and found this community, there were a lot of posts asking for help, and it kind of... well, it stalled my purchase by about a month. Anyway, I thought that I'd post about the lovely experience I had today, so that a) there would be one more hooray cups! post, and b) I could get all excited without much teasing from the boy.

I had a midterm today, nasty thing, and woke up around 8:30 AM. I cleaned and reinserted my cup and prepared for my medium-flow day, calculating roughly 10-12 hours... okay, good. I took my exam, had lunch, went to class, and around 6 PM got a call from a friend asking to walk down to pick up some strawberries with her, so there was a roughly 4 mile walk (round-trip). 8:30 PM rolls around, I'm working on a paper, it's suddenly 9:40, I have to go to an event, no time to change it... all of a sudden, it's past midnight. I remember my cup. It's roughly 16 hours since I put it in. I go to the restroom. For the first time EVER, it's full! I was so elated that it was actually full! T'was also the first time I got blood on my fingers, a fact which did not elate me, but did leave me with a feeling of accomplishment. Yippee!

=) *happy dance*
Tags: success stories

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