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Menstrual Cup Presentation/Project Survey

As explained in previous entries, I am working on a presentation/project on menstrual cups. I am getting information as well as demo cups from the various cup brands, but I would like to get some more information from actual users of the different kinds of cups. I would greatly appreciate it if you filled out the survey below. I am supposed to ask what your name is, but if you do not feel comfortable giving your name, please just list your username. I will be using the surveys word for word and would thus prefer not to have to add a username or change anything. Also, I understand that the survey is short, but I need to fit multiple surveys onto a presentation board along with posters, brochures, pamphlets, stickers, and demo cups.

EDIT: Many people use a DivaCup (believe me, I saw this coming), but I could really use some surveys from people who use a Keeper or Moon Cup US. If you notice the survey and are a user of a more "obscure" cup, please take the survey. THANKS!

On to the survey...

Name (give username if not comfortable w/ using real name):

Which cup do you use?

Why do you use a cup instead of pads or tampons?

How long have you been using your cup?

Do you inform others on the use of alternative menstrual products?

Thank you for participating in the survey and helping me out with my presentation/project.
Tags: activism, brand comparisons

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