christen (email_christen) wrote in menstrual_cups,

You guys rock - and now I need your tales...

I've been using the disposable Instead cup since I first read about them in Glamour magazine some millions of years ago. I had no idea about other types of menstrual cups excepting the one made of rubber (which did not appeal to me at all), and another that sounded very rigid.

I like the Instead for the clean sex factor, but love the non-disposable options for the environmental reasons as well as saving money (which will always get my attention).

My question: which one should I get? I'm 100% comfortable with my body and being patient with something I'm learning to use. My vaginal wall is pretty strong (I do regular kegels) but my first inch or two is sensitive, so I'll definitely feel something within that range.

Ask me some questions that might best help me narrow down what's best for me, and I'll be happy to answer any and all!

So great you guys have this community in LJ. I actually found it on Wikipedia when I was reading more about the Instead cup because I do have issues with it. I think my cervix or something is shaped funny. I couldn't use the Ring contraception either because it just wouldn't form around me correctly. My OB/GYN had me put one in, then he felt to see if it was in correctly and it wasn't, so he moved it around for a good minute or two before it was properly in place. That's good and all, but I'm not bringing my OB/GYN home with me to put in my ring! So I ditched it. Back to the pill for me...

And on and on and on.....

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