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cups and yeast infections

hello again... so, just after being all jazzed that my cup worked so well on my first try, the day after my period ended, i started itching. three days later, i’m still itching, and pretty sure it’s a yeast infection. i constantly have all kinds of burning and itching and pain in my vagina, so sometimes it’s hard for me to tell when it’s actually a yeast infection. but i think this time it is . i suppose it could be a coincidence, but it’s pretty uncommon for me to get them (like usually only every few years), and i’m wondering if my mooncup had anything to do with it. i was careful always to wash my hands before emptying it, and i washed the mooncup itself before i used it too. and it’s certainly not as if having my fingers in my vagina is some rare occurrence, so i’m not sure how my mooncup could have caused a yeast infection. has this happened to anyone else? or, does anyone have any thoughts as to why this might have happened and how i could prevent it next month? thanks...
Tags: mooncup (uk), yeast infections
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