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a couple of somewhat interesting stories...

So there i was last month, sitting on the toilet, deciding that its high time i start using my Diva that i bought LAST august. I glanced down to the garbage can where i had just deposited my latest pad, and it hit me. Every pad in there was mine. Since august, when I moved into this apartment with my best friend of 6 years, she either had not used a single pad or tampon, or was really really good at hiding it (which i found silly).

I pushed the thought out of my mind as i focused more on the task at hand - learning my Diva. That went well, and things continued as normal.

So yesterday I was sitting on the toilet, and I came to the same realization again, so this time I fortified myself and actually asked her about it.

Turns out that even before i got mine (i'd been thinking about getting one for over a year before i got one), i sent her the link and she liked the idea of the Diva. I was kind of surprised because i didn't remember it being warmly received- but that might have been someone else. I'm only -slightly- offended that she never told me that she actually got the Diva. But I'm more happy because I converted someone and didn't even realize it :D


On another note, my boyfriend had expressed interest in watching me change the diva a few times. I was really confused by this, but I guess it makes sense since it's not exactly something that he gets to see every day- new territory and all that jazz. So last night i was visiting him and i brought up the idea to him. He seemed really excited about it, so we went into the bathroom, I went through the motions, and when it was all over, he said:

"That was quite possibly the coolest thing I've ever seen."

hurrah for supportive boyfriends! :D
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