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11 November 2006 @ 11:47 am
I had NEVER heard of menstrual cups until I stumbled upon them while surfing the internet just a few months ago!!
(I am 35 years old and have 1 child, my flow is light because I am on the pill.)

Yes I own the following cups: Mooncup UK size A, Diva-both sizes, Lunette, Keeper size A, and Moon Cup by Keeper (U.S.) size A..

Why do I own them all?
I just found out about menstrual cups a few months ago and was instantly fascinated by them! 

The evening I found them, I immediately bought one out of curiosity more than anything else (the Keeper is the one I chose because it had been around the longest and was approved by the FDA)....{I live in the U.S.}.   I then started intensely researching the cups and wondered if I should have bought a silicone one instead. I received my keeper in less than a week....popped it in for a 'dry run' and was so impressed that I went ahead and ordered the Moon Cup by Keeper U.S. that evening. I started my period a couple days later...... and received the Moon Cup by Keeper halfway through that cycle. 

Learning to use a menstrual cup-  
My first cycle with the Keeper and Moon Cup by Keeper- 
---Well the stems didn't last long. At first I tried using the stems for removal and found that nearly impossible.  (I thought I could pull it out like a tampon by the stem....SURPRISE!!!!..........SUCTION!!!)  From reading this journal, I learned to bear down and grasp the bottom of the cup and wiggle it out for removal, and after feeling secure that I could remove them I cut the stems completely off....(I knew after my first day that I would not be returning them...... and they are SOOOOO much more comfortable without the stems!!!)... 
---I also found out there were different folding methods....tried them all and the 7 fold is the one I prefer!
---I was really surprised at how light my flow actually is.  I empty my cup every 6 hours but could easily wait 12.  Usually the cup is only 1/4 full or less and I didn't expect that........(tampons and pads are very deceiving)   Knowing your flow is a great benefit with cup use! 
---I had a wonderful first experience with both of these cups..... no leaks.... no problems...... comfortable.... I was hooked!!! 

Special note on the Mooncup UK & Moon Cup by Keeper:  I didn't understand that there were 2 Mooncups/ Moon Cups from different companies at first.  I originally thought that the same cup was being produced in different countries.  I am trying in this post to be clear as to which cups are which to help others.

Before my next cycle, I ordered the Lunette, Mooncup UK, and the Diva in both sizes (to see if size really matters. I figured it was my duty to do an official experiment of all the cups and then tell the world!! 

I won't hold you in suspense any longer..... The Mooncup UK is my FAVORITE of them all!!!! 

My official Cup comparisons/ descriptions

Note:  I ended up removing the stems on ALL of my cups... then lined them all up in a row for a visual comparison... I also filled them all with water to see how much they really held.

-Mooncup UK- is shorter than all the other cups and holds least of the 'larger sized cups' the silicone has a 'slight yellow tint' (not as pretty as the Diva's or Lunette's frosted silicone and not as clear/white as the Moon Cup by Keeper) This cup feels 'softer' than the Diva or Lunette. The Mooncup UK opens up easy everytime! It has gripper ridges on the bottom of the cup.  There are ridges inside the cup (ridges as measuring lines?.....ridges to keep fluid from sloshing?) This one also seemed more comfortable to remove (probably because it is the softer silicone.)  The holes are smaller than the Lunettes but are larger than the Divas, Keepers, and Moon Cup by Keepers holes.   It is the most comfortable and I think the main reason is because my body likes that it is shorter than the other cups.

-Keeper- This is the only gum rubber cup (not silicone). This cup seems thicker/firmer than the other cups. There is a definate rubber smell to it. The brown color isn't as attractive as the silicone cups. This cup opens up easily upon insertion. (I think it being firmer makes opening easy)   It does not have gripper ridges on the bottom of the cup....It is smooth on the bottom..  There are ridges inside the cup (ridges as measuring lines?.....ridges to keep fluid from sloshing?)  The holes in the cup are smaller than the Lunettes and smaller than the Mooncup UK..

-Moon Cup by Keeper- This cup is exactly the same size and design as the Keeper but it is made  from silicone. This cup is not as firm as the Keeper, is softer than the Diva and Lunette, and feels most like the Mooncup UK. It does not have gripper ridges on the bottom of the cup....It is smooth on the bottom..  There are ridges inside the cup (ridges as measuring lines?.....ridges to keep fluid from sloshing?)   This cup is also one of the more comfortable cups to remove because of the softer silicone.   Sometimes this one opens up easily..... other times I have a dent and I may have to 'stir' to get it to unfurl completely. The holes in the cup are smaller than the Lunettes and Smaller than the Mooncup UK..

-Lunette - This cup holds the most fluid. The BOTTOM of this cup is wider than the other cups which is why it holds more.  The very bottom of this cup is also thinner than all of the other cups.   It has the frosted look silicone and is stiffer feeling than the Mooncup UK or the Moon Cup by Keeper....It feels most like the Diva but is just a little bit firmer.  It is not as firm as the Keeper.   It is smoother than the other cups making it the easiest to clean.  It has 2 measuring lines.  This cup has larger holes than all of the other cups which makes breaking the seal easier. This cup opens up easily too (probably due to the larger holes).

-Diva Cup- (larger size, remember I am 35 with a child) Excellent packaging!  This cup is longer than the other brands of cups. It has the frosted look silicone and is stiffer feeling than the Mooncup UK or the Moon Cup by Keeper. It feels much like the Lunette but the Lunette is a little bit firmer.  The bottom of this cup is skinnier than the Lunettes. There are 2 marked measuring lines in this cup.  This cup has TURBO SUCTION and I don't know why!!! As a result of the suction, I have to fight with this cup to open up almost everytime! When it is folded for insertion, it just doesn't want to open up and is sometimes flat and sometimes dented! I stir, I poke, I kegal, I stretch the vag walls, and eventually I get it to unfurl. The holes in the cup are smaller than the Lunettes and Smaller than the Mooncup UK..

-Diva Cup- (smaller size/ Does size really matter?, remember I am 35 with a child) Excellent packaging!   Please see the above larger size Diva for cup description.  Believe it or not, I have even more trouble getting this smaller sized Diva to open than the larger size! (SUPER DUPER TURBO SUCTION!) I have come to the conclusion that the problem is that the Divas are longer cups and my body just doesn't fit them as well. (I think my cervix location is the issue.....sits low)...... Once the cup is open, there really is NOT a noticable difference in using the smaller sized cup..... No leaks, it stays where I put it, etc. ..

Here is my personal rating of the cups:  this is how I personally feel about each:

1. Mooncup UK- 1st, My Favorite, best fitting because it is shorter. Comfy because of the softer silicone.

2. Lunette- 2nd,   because I like the larger air holes for ease of opening....easiest to clean because it is smoother.

3. Moon Cup by Keeper- 3rd,  because I like the softer silicone

4. Keeper- 4th, because it opens easily... would have ranked 3rd for comfort but I don't like the rubber smell

5. Diva cup Larger size- 5th, because it is more difficult to get to unfurl than the other brands.  (great packaging... seems to be the most popular cup for others)

6. Diva cup smaller size- 6th,  More difficult to get to unfurl than the other brands and more difficult to open than the larger Diva.  (great packaging....seems to be the most popular cup for others)

I do want to let everyone know that ALL of these cups get my recommendation. I am able to use all of them successfully without any leaks or discomfort. (I empty every 6 hours but could easily go 12 with no problems.)  My main issue is obviously with getting them to unfurl... (I was able to unfurl all of them, just some cups are easier than others..   

Cleaning- I use soap and water- I also boiled the silicone cups at the end of my period....(The cups were all pretty easy to clean....... but I really haven't had them long enough for any major discoloration to occur yet )

All of the cups were ordered online and arrived quickly ( within a week )....
All were shipped discretely in plain outer envelopes or wrapped in plain brown paper.  NO mention of the word 'menstrual', NO pictures, NO advertising on the outer packaging, the company names from where they were ordered were only listed in the return address.

Inner product packaging varied......all arrived with a storage bag and instructions.....all arrived safe and sound....

Diva- was the most attractively packaged in its shaped box with a window to allow buyers to see the product and it was sent in a discrete envelope. (I ordered from a U.S. company and they were shipped from California U.S. even though they are made in Canada.)
Mooncup UK- was packaged professionally in its nice box (no window to see the product)  and was wrapped  and sent in discrete brown paper.  (I ordered from a portuguese distributor and it was shipped from Portugal even though they are made in the UK)
Lunette- Most practical product packaging.  Was in clear plastic packaging with the cardboard hanger for stores....(nice packaging because it allows buyers to 'feel' the product without removing it from the packaging) and it was sent in a discrete envelope.  (Shipped from Finland, made in Finland)
Keeper- was packaged in a clear plastic bag- with photo copied instructions......was sent in a discrete envelope-  (unattractive, unprofessional packaging)  (Shipped from U.S.   Made in U.S.)
Moon Cup by Keeper- was packaged in a clear plastic bag- with photo copied instructions....$5 reward coupons (also photo copied)  were also included to refer others (you have a friend order one, the friend sends the coupon, Keeper company sends you a $5 reward)......was sent in a discrete envelope-  (unattractive, unprofessional packaging)  (Shipped from U.S.   Made in U.S.

Costs-  My costs varied between $20 - $38 U.S. dollars for each cup.   I am not listing the actual costs that I paid for each one as the costs differ depending on where it is purchased from, if it is on sale, or if you are lucky enough to have a coupon.  Because the cups are supposed to last for years, even the most expensive cups are well worth the money spent on them.   I would highly recommend not using price as a factor when deciding on a cup and instead focus on the specific qualities that you are looking for in a cup.

My teenage daughter:   Lunette vs. Diva
I also want to let everyone know that my child is a teenage daughter and she has her own Lunette and smaller sized Diva Cup.   (I had originally ordered her the smaller sized Diva because I thought the size would be better for her because of her age and she is a virgin......... and they package the Diva so nice too!.... Before her Diva arrived she started her period and  'stole' my first Lunette before I had a chance to use it.... she was so excited about trying a cup that she didn't want to wait for her Diva.......  She prefers the Lunette over the Diva because it holds much more and her flow is heavy her first 2 days. ....She does check for dents and stirs and is able to get both to open up with no problems.   She uses the C-fold to insert and refolds her cups to remove them.  Although the Mooncup UK is my  favorite, she has no interest in trying it because it holds much less.   She loves her Lunette and has asked me to get her a second one to keep at school.

Special note:  I had a very LONG AND DETAILED discussion with my daughter on the female anatomy and cup usage before buying her one.   Neither one of us are squeemish and we are able to talk openly with eachother.  I feel this is extremely important for anyone considering buying a cup for a young girl/ teen.   Stress the importance of cleanliness with the cup!

Mooncup UK, Keeper, Moon Cup by Keeper, Lunette, Diva size 2, Diva size 1
from left to right:   All stems have been removed.  
Mooncup UK, Keeper, Moon Cup by Keeper, Lunette, Diva size 2 (larger), Diva Size 1 (smaller)
cups side

sfaithj on November 14th, 2006 08:47 am (UTC)
Actual Capacity?
Thanks so much for this post! It's so great that you have all of the cups and were able to review all the cups! I've also found that my Lunette opens quicker/easier than my Diva.

Out of curiousity, when you did the water capacity test for the cups, what was the actual capacity for each cup? I found This
website that says the Lunette holds approx. 24 ml=0.81 approx ounces, making the Diva with 1 ounce having a larger capacity, yes?

sew-in-loveblaze5155 on November 14th, 2006 10:03 am (UTC)
Re: Actual Capacity?
Hi there!

When I filled the cups, I filled them to the VERY TOP with water then poured the water into a shot glass that has 1 ounce & 1 1/2 ounce markings. I don't have exact ml, sorry! (Please note that others may measure to the air holes) The Lunette and larger size Diva are nearly the same capacity showing at the 1 1/2 ounce mark on my shot glass. The Lunette holds the tiniest bit more. The Keeper and Moon Cup by Keeper held approx 1 1/4 ounces according to my shot glass, and the Mooncup UK held approx 1 1/8 ounces.

***I just now measured the Lunette and Larger size Diva to JUST UNDER the airholes and the DIVA holds 1/4 ounce more than the Lunette when measured this way! So it really depends on if you are measuring to the holes or the rim!!!

Hope this helps!!!!
lemon_dream on November 14th, 2006 06:44 pm (UTC)
Re: Actual Capacity?
Hi sfaithj, that site also has the correspondent measurements for all the cups except for Keeper and Moon Cup by Keeper. Press Edellinen=previous and Seuraava=next to see the other cups. I checked that the measurements ARE the same as the ones I posted before. I'll post them here, because all the cups are compared here, not only Diva and Mooncup. I'm sorry, I don't know how many ounces they hold, but I hope this helps you.

So here:

Capacity as measured under airholes:

Lunette about 24 ml.
Smaller DivaCup about 20 ml and larger Divacup about 25 ml.
Smaller Mooncup about 13 ml and larger Mooncup about 15 ml.

Volume (to the rim):

Lunette about 33 ml.
Smaller DivaCup about 28 ml and larger Divacup about 35 ml.
Smaller Mooncup about 25 ml and larger Mooncup about 28 ml.

Source: http://kuukuppikunta.net/ala.php?sivu=fakta (Kuukuppikunta is the Finnish non-commercial menstrual cup site and a very reliable one). They have measured these themselves except for Lunette (I guess the manufacturer has provided them with its measurements).
sfaithj on November 18th, 2006 11:35 pm (UTC)
Re: Actual Capacity?
great thanks so much!