worst faun ever (badfaun) wrote in menstrual_cups,
worst faun ever

hi! uhm, help

So I bought a Diva cup, and started my period today, and damn if the thing won't go in right.

I've been using Instead cups for a while and I haven't had any problems getting them to go and stay in. Of course, they're quite a bit different from the Diva.

I fold it in half twice as instructed, and the thing pops open way too soon (ow), and then it's sealed and I have to take it out to try again.

I have actually got it in what feels like far enough, but the stupid tab sticks out with its tip between my labia and wow is that irritating. I trimmed the tab to the recommended minimum 1/4" but it's still awful. I've read people on here trimming it off entirely; I may do that, since I haven't been doing anything with the tab anyway, I've been doing all my gripping etc on the bottom of the cup. Any advice on how to trim it smoothly?

So, uh, help?
Tags: divacup, insertion, instead, teething troubles
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