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FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions.

There are some questions that most people that are new to menstrual cups tend to ask... What is a menstrual cup? What different brands are there? How do they work? Even those people that have been using cups for a long time have questions ... How do I clean it? Is it okay that my cup is discolored?

We need to get an FAQ together to answer these often-asked questions... and yes, I need help getting it together.

If you have an idea for a question to add, leave it (along with the answer, if you thought of one) in the comments of this post. Please feel free to also comment on others' ideas, if you have a suggestion to add. I will use your questions, thoughts and ideas to create an "official" FAQ.


[EDIT] You can help build the FAQ by using our wiki -- please read this post to find out how!
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