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Menstrual Cup Comparisons, Part 1

First of all, sorry, sorry, sorry!  I know I promised to have this ready much earlier, but as it often does, life got in the way.  Plus my internet connection has been rather spotty, due to construction in my area.  Taking comparison pictures has also been a lot harder than I thought!  Either that or I am a perfectionist.  I keep thinking I need a studio... I am always searching out just the right lighting, etc.  So therefore, this is a first installment.  I have some more pictures I want to take, and some more pictures I want to redo because I didn't end up liking them.  Check these out and tell me what you think can be improved.  I want to get some good pictures.

Image hosting by Photobucket
From left to right we have the Keeper (Size A, Size B), the Divacup (Size 2, Size 1), the Mooncup (Size A, Size B), and the Lunette (comes in only one size).  And on the end, for comparison purposes, we have two OB tampons.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Similar picture, same line-up, different lighting and background.

I was expecting to see a lot of differences but was struck by how similar they really are.  The size differences are so minute, the differences between them so subtle!  Obviously the biggest difference is material.  Even among the silicone cups, this isn't standard.  The Lunette and the Divacup are VERY similar, in shape and material.  They are made of partially opaque, kind of "frosted" looking silicone.  The Lunette has the smoothest shape of all the cups; the inside of it is completely smooth, no writings, markings, ridges, none of it.  The "Lunette" logo is on the outside.  The Mooncup is made of a clearer silicone, which is noticibly different in texture to the other two cups; it felt like the silicone around the edge of a snorkeling mask, if you're familiar with that!  And in my opinion, it is the most flexible of the three silicone cups; I hesitate to say "softer" because they are ALL pretty soft.  The differences in texture are minimal.  I will say that the Divacup and Lunette seem stiffer, and the Mooncup and Keeper slightly more flexible.  But the Divacup and Lunette seem thinner, as if the material is thinner.  Not sure if there is any validity to that, it's just how they feel.

As far as diameter goes, I haven't yet measured them exactly (bad me!) but the differences between sizes are very very slight (we must be talking a difference of milimeters here).  The Lunette is comparible to the larger sizes of the other cups.

Now then, before the next set of pictures, I must note that all the cups arrived by mail in envelopes, and the Keeper's shape came slightly distorted, and I could not coax them to be round again.  My Keeper is two years old and still perfectly round (you can see it in the fold section).  I am wondering if maybe it was exposed to heat sometime in transit (from Texas to Florida, it is possible!).  So keep that in mind in the viewing. Also, the very large holes in the cup are for the SAMPLE CUPS ONLY. All of these are samples, except for the Mooncups which were sent brand new! Which was very nice, and they will be sent back when this project is over. :)

Image hosting by Photobucket Keeper
Image hosting by Photobucket Divacup
Image hosting by Photobucket Mooncup
Image hosting by Photobucket Lunette

These pictures show diameter compared to a quarter.  They also show how very slight the size differences are!

So what was helpful, what wasn't?  What else would you like to see?  As I said, I have more pictures to take, so now that you've seen the first run, if you have any more suggestions, just let me know!
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