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so, i love my divacup. insetion is now a snap, no more leaking or surprise orgasms or poking from the stem (i cut it off) or anything else. however, i do have two questions still:

1. is there a way to make removal easier? mine rides really far up and it's hard for me to reach, let alone grasp with two fingers (since i don't have the stem, and when i go to pinch it i feel really icky and scared like i'm about to pinch my cervix (i feel like it's inside or right above the cup). i've tried the ssquatting and bearing down, etc., and those things all help, and its not that big of a deal, because i always get it out, i'm just wondering if there's an easier way? like some way for me to tie a string to it or something?

2. when you guys boil yours, how long do you let it sit in the boiling water for?
Tags: cleaning - boiling, removal, removal - painful or problems
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