girlnamedmud (girlnamedmud) wrote in menstrual_cups,

My love for my Diva is everlasting

So I had to go back to my home in New Jersey for the holiday break, and i cursed myself almost as soon as i got there because i forgot my divacup back at school.
I was, therefore, forced to endure the horror of tampons.
But, the thing is that the tampons didn't really bother me during my period, but i had to relive that the horribly uncomfortable itchy vag after my period that i endured while using tampons and has since gone away.
I did NOT miss it at all.
So i am once again singing the praises of my cup since this little trip into tampon land has reminded me of what i had to go through.
SO horray for cups!

Oh i had another unrelated question, I know that a few women here are on Nuva ring and i wanted to ask them if they've ever had any trouble with the ring staying comfortably in their vag. (it's been a problem of mine for like the past two cycles, very annoying).
Tags: nuvaring, tampons
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