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29 November 2005 @ 09:05 pm
so today i seriously spent a good amount of time with my cup and my vagina. i've been impatiently waiting for my damn period to come and it FINALLY DID. hell i blew off class so I could go home and toy with it.

and my thumb still hurts!!! and after all my attempts, i only got it in ONCE, and it didnt even pop all the way open... let me tell you, i somehow managed to get blood splatter all over the place because the damn thing kept slipping out of my fingers and popping open as it was sliding in...

But this is how I got it in, on my one succesfull attempt: I sort of leaned back and had my pelvis out. It made it really easy to access things! So I did that, and had one leg propped up on the bath tub. I cannot get the damn thing in me at all if i'm sitting on the toilet, but standing up or having one leg propped made a huge difference. I realise that for whatever reason I have the most luck with my left hand squeezing the cup, like at top, even though my left hand is not dominant, and then switching hands as it goes in, because I need more control on the bottom of the cup. Anyway, I had always thought that I should squeeze it in, and then twirl it to get it to pop, but i could not twirl the damn sucker to get it to pop open. so, on my other try, i turned it as it was going on and it made it so, so incredibly easy and painless to get it in me - all the other times i could FEEL it - and i was shocked at how quickly it moved, i didnt even realise what i did until later! Maybe that's what you guys have been talking about when you say to turn it, am I just stupid? :)))) But yeah, I couldnt get one side of it unsquished :( good thing i have no problems with getting my fingers bloody... I decided to remove it and try again... i can't imagine cutting off the stem, i dont know i'd get it out, because the stem certainly came in handy!! Anyway it sorta hurt to pull it out, but not as bad as I had anticipated. I tried to get it in the same way after that, but by that point, my hand was cramped, and my girl bits were sore as hell, so I gave up. I shall try again tonight :) but damn you, wont you pop open!!!!

anyways, in celebration of being on my period and almost successfully using my cup, i baked a cherry pie, and it was yummy, and made me feel better :)
hdcat on December 1st, 2005 03:30 am (UTC)
Sorry...had to delete & repost...hit the post comment button by accident...

I'm one of those strange people who can use my dominant (right) hand to insert or remove my cup. I don't know why, but I do everything with my left hand when it comes to that area. I also have to do it with one leg up on something- sitting just doesn't work for me either. I am one of those people who couldn't turn the dang thing for nothing so what I do to check the seal is to push the cup from one side to another- if it moves very easily, then its not sealed; if it moves but pops right back to where it was, then its sealed. A lot of times if it doesn't seal right away, if you give it minute and move around a little, your body does it thing and your DC seals just fine....one word of warning- always double check that it has, I forgot one time and of course it didn't and that was one of only 2 or 3 times my DC has leaked. It does take practice & think just about everyone thinks of giving up during the 'teething' process- but it does get easier. I've been using mine since last Feb, and couldn't immagine going back to tampons & pads. And as for the stem- I could never imagine how anyone could use a cup without one but now mine is completely trimmed off.