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ever so slightly obsessed
29 November 2005 @ 01:07 pm
hi, apologies for the mild irrelevance :/

But I'd like to draw your attention (particularly elettaria! you there?) to the poll posted a while ago and the comments it generated. Unfortunately this was while LJ was being spacky and not sending email notifications.

But yep, I'd love more comments/feedback please! and then we can have the poll to end all polls.


The subject of menorrhagia is actually bothering me a little. About 50% of us seem to fit the technical definition, yet only a maximum of 10% have the symptoms. Is the official medical figure (80 ml or more) wrong? I'd also be curious about why the results were so unlike the figures quoted in the websites I linked to - We seem to bleed a lot more. Did the doctors who decided on that figure get it wrong? Was the poll just crap? Are we perhaps not very representative? if you bled less than 30ml, I guess you really wouldn't need to use a cup... etc etc.

Talk to me :)
Obsidianpurple_obsidian on May 21st, 2007 05:44 am (UTC)
ok, this is an old thread, but I wanted to add a comment....

I normally use a mix of both my cup and cloth pads, but I measured one whole period with cup only so I could measure my flow.

On my first and second days I believe I overfilled my cup 3 times each day.... because when I put my finger on the rim of the cup to break the seal, I got a lot of spillage, more than would happen if the cup was filled to the rim only.... so I'm sure it went past the rim (and I've had that happen since too).... I imagine by about 5mls (there was a lot of spillage). But even if you take it to be at the rim (which is 33mls in the Lunette), for those 2 days that's around 100mls a day! Then I had another 2 days of bleeding, which was harder to measure, perhaps 1 1/2 cups over 24 hours, then just what I'd call spotting....so I didn't use my cup.

So that puts me at about 230mls - 250mls I believe.

Which I find frightening when I read websites talking about 80mls and over being excessive and can lead to anemia.... I'm glad I found this thread, as I feel more normal now :)

I can't say for sure, but it seemed to be a "normal" period to me, and I've worn my Lunette on heavy days since and fill it 3 times a day for the first 2 days, so it seems to be at least consistently over 200mls. The only difference with wearing the cup full time was a shorter period by about 2 days.

I normally bleed for about 7 days, with about 5-6 weeks inbetween... which has been my cycle since I was a teenager. I've never had a 28 day cycle, always longer. I must admit, I do have irregular periods, which I consider is due to stress, when I am highly stressed I'll often skip a period, and I have before skipped a couple of months in a row. I'm not on birth control at all, and basically never have been (I do remember for a brief time being on them when I was a young teenager. To try and lighten my periods for memory - but they caused worse cramps, so I went off them.)

I had a blood test around the same time I measured my flow (for something unrelated), and my iron levels were fine. I do eat a lot of red meat though. So anemia is not a problem for me.

My mother has also had heavy periods, and has been complaining about it for a while, though no way to measure what it actually is (She refused my offer of the cup to measure).... and she does have problems with anemia (they eat hardly any red meat)... so she'd had to look into medical ways to reduce her periods.

But because mine have been like this for ages, I have no cramps, iron levels seem fine - I don't consider them to be a problem....

So I can't see how, with so many of us being well over 80mls consistantly, how those measurements can be accurate.

One website I read said that they test by taking the pads and soaking them in a solution, then extract the hemoglobin from that (I think that is what they did)... which would presumably not be the same as simply weighing a pad and calculating the loss or measuring it in a cup. But other sites I've read indicate that they do just weigh used pads.
ever so slightly obsessedscien on May 21st, 2007 07:46 am (UTC)
Hey! :) Thanks for commenting, reminded me that I should really post the new updated version of the poll we discussed. When finals are over, anyway. Aww, since this was posted, my periods have changed a lot. I only get a couple of heavy days. Thank heavens for the pill, it's nice to not be completely out of it for a week :)

Well, you're definitely in the higher range. If it's not leading to any problems, though, then I would assume you're fine. From what I managed to work out, the 80ml type statistics could refer to blood rather than fluid. And from a little research, menstrual fluid is roughly 50% blood, so that might be what's going on. Or, really, it might not - those figures don't really fit our statistics either. I don't really know any more, it's been a while. Please, if you feel like wandering around on pubmed and looking things up, do tell me what you come up with.