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Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and could offer some advice. 

I loved the idea of using a cup instead of tampons so I decided to order the Diva Cup.  After some trial runs and, since I'd been reading the advice on this group for a while, I had no problem with insertion and removal.  I could never get it to pop open immediately after insertion but, it always popped open a minute or so afterwards on it's own and never leaked.(Yay!)  I could tell it opened because it hurt like heck whenever it did.  The problem was that it continued to hurt, the suction caused major cramps the entire time it was in both on the trial runs and during my period.  I have both PCOS and Endo and was hoping, from others post, that this would actually ease my cramps a little bit.  Does anyone have any advice on maybe different ways of insertion or something that might ease the cramps.  I really wanted to be able to use the cup instead of tampons.  There's always my LunaPads to fall back on but, they're not much good at the beach or the pool.  Should I maybe try Insteads or do they have as strong a suction as the Diva Cup?  From what I've read you don't actually have to change them out every time you empty them or was that bad advice? 

 Sorry for such a long post.

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