Marie Intarnette (ladylynx) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Marie Intarnette

Flex Cup Slim

I bought my Flex Cup, back in July. It is a cup that has a special drawstring that can be pulled, to collapse the cup from the inside. I'm sure some of you might have seen it in CVS, or in advertisement. I bought mine off Amazon.

Anyway, I really liked how comfortable the cup is, but it broke on me today. The end loop tore in half as I was pulling down on it. I then had to fish the cup out with my fingers. What happens then is that I can't really cut the useless part off, because then I'm left with a big hole at the bottom of the cup.

(I hope everyone can see the pic. I'm not on here often and I've forgotten how to use LJ.)

In addition to all of that, I went to Flex cup's Facebook page to let them know. It seems that I am banned there. The only reason I can think of is that women would ask if they could use it with their IUD, they'd say "ask a doctor," and I would turn around and say "they should be fine, but that company is going to cover themselves legally." LOL. So something to keep in mind if you want to deal with them. I would have ordered another cup but that left a bad taste in my mouth. Like I can't even private message then now to complain about my cup.

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