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Ni-Shaat Voegt
Ni-Shaat Voegt

Found 'the one'

So I found a cup online a few months back and like all my other cups, I thought I can only really judge after a couple of cycles due to my insides being different with every other cycle.

I've had many issues in the past with cups that are too hard or too flimsy. I've had a very sore vagina to the point I felt like putting cups to rest.

Leaking has also been a major issue for me as I can't just leave my class to run to the bathroom as I'm a teacher.

I read another forum online where another lady left her review of the cup I bought from Women Comforts. The thing that stood out for me was the fact that it's Medical Grade Silicone and that it's a soft but sturdy cup. This is a big deal for me as my vagina seems to be a little sensitive so I got in touch with the lady and asked her some questions about it. 3 hours later and I've ordered mine with a nice discount too!

I can tell you that I'm well impressed that I don't need to be conscious about any leaks or bloody bum as I call it. I don't feel that discomfort either when I'm walking around and it doesn't burn! I use a little coconut oil when I insert it to make it glide in smoothly and I've mastered my personal folding preference. At first I thought it would be too big and studied the cup well before inserting it but it turns out that it holds a lot more fluids whilst not irritating me.

I hope everyone can find their 'one' true cup and never give up! It's an investment we all need to make.

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