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Problems concerning menstrual cup - popping open, seal, getting out


I started using a menstrual cup a couple of months ago but I've been running into a series of problems. I haven't been able to solve them, so hopefully you guys can give me some advice!
I was pretty unfamiliar with my vulva and such so at first I mistakenly thought I had a low cervix, and bought a cup suitable for that (MeLuna short sporty S). Big mistake: I had so much trouble reaching it once I put it in that it took me literally half an hour plus various panic attacks to get out. Well, that was my own fault for buying the wrong cup. My cervix has a regular height, on my period I can feel it with my finger inserted to the second knuckle.
So then I bought a second one, the regular MeLuna sporty S. Problem is: I can't get it to pop open. I don't hear a pop, I've tried several folds (7-fold, c-fold, punch down, triangle) without success and usually I end up being able to 'poop' it out (pushing so long and hard that it feels like I'm giving birth haha), so no seal formed. I've tried folding it loosely or tightly, folding it exactly over the air holes or far from them... pinching the base doesn't help, and I can't get two fingers in and grip the base to give it a twist, my vagina is just to tight for that. Same thing with trying to reach up to feel the rim, I just can't get two fingers in that far and it's impossible to do with one finger because the cup just moves up then. Moving it up and down also doesn't do the trick. I guess my pelvic floor muscles are very strong, but even relaxing them hasn't gotten the job done.

Now, last night I wore it for the entire night and during the night it went up so far that I had to bear down for a solid ten minutes before I managed to reach it and pull it out. So even the getting it out easily-part hasn't been achieved yet, and I really can't see myself using something that takes such effort to take out. Imagine being stuck on a public toilet for half an hour!

I've tried all the tips I was able to find online, both for getting it out and making sure it opens up, but nothing has helped. Tampons and pads suck balls so I'm not ready to give up the menstrual cup yet, but I've exhausted all my ideas and online resources to no avail. Does anyone have any advice?

Tldr: can't get menstrual cup to open and create seal, plus it's super hard to get out. Would love to hear your tips!


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