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Choosing between Merula and Meluna Shorty? Asking for advice

A few months ago, I bought a Diva 2, which resulted too long for me. I was debating between it being too long or weak pelvic floor, as I am 45 and had a twin pregnancy 14 year ago. I have been using the Diva inside out and still, the bottom is a little bit out of my body.  This and the fact that it overflows even without being full, makes me think about a dangly and very low cervix. I can touch my cervix inserting just to the first knuckle of my middle finger, but the last day of my period is even lower. I can feel the string of my IUD poking my labia even after I’ve gotten the string trimmed shorter. 

The only cup approved in my country is the Diva, so buying any other is expensive, and the shipping costs made it even more expensive. I can’t afford trying a cup that might not work as happened with the Diva. 

I asked for advice in some forum and I got the suggestion to get a cheap cup from China to test the size. So, I did. The cup took 3 months to arrive. It is shorter than Diva, with 37 mm long without the stem and the same width than Diva. I can’t tell if it is softer. I’m not confident on using this cup form more than one or two days, so I waited for the heaviest day of my period and yes!!! It is perfect in size and shape. It has a U shape and even in my heaviest day I had no leaks at all. And I barely felt it, just the lump left after cutting the stem irritated me a little, but for a while, I even forgot I was with my period.  

Now, my dilemma. I won’t be using this Chinese cup, but the size seems perfect. According to the quiz of PACII, my ideal cup is Juju 4, but I couldn’t find it locally and the shipping costs exceed my budget. The quiz also suggested Meluna Shorty L and Merula Classic. Both cups are delivered without any trouble and the cost is almost the same. I am not sure is if the little capacity of the Meluna Shorty L will be enough, that and if the V shape of the bottom will be anoying. About the Merula, I wonder if the lack of holes will increase the suction and could dislodge my IUD. 

Please, low cervix girls… share your thoughts…. 


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