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01 June 2019 @ 10:28 pm
Hi everybody,
I am seeking some advice and help. I am a 23 years old girl.Today I noticed that some skin is sticking out of my vaginal hole. It is of crimson color and feels smooth. It is circular in shape and size a little smaller than a coin.

I have been experiencing spotting prior to my periods from last 3-4 months. I thought it is normal. And this time also I experienced spotting and that too around my period days. I noticed spotting for 3 days and today this skin was popping out of vagina which whenever I wipe leaves little blood on tissue.

I am afraid that this skin might block vaginal discharge. I never had sex.

Please suggest what this can be.

I am very worried.
Yelizaveta: Danymajesticzaichik on June 3rd, 2019 01:14 am (UTC)
Is it possible to get an appointment with a gyno? If you are insured, i would reccommend this. It's better not to let the internet speculate on what it can or cant be especially with a description alone. In the past, there have been women posting images here of something they worry could be an "abnormality", which has helped confirm some issues as innocuous, however this is based on your comfort level, and I would still reccommend seeing a gyno.