Luara Green (lucy20202) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Luara Green

Trouble Inserting my menstrual cup because of my urethra

Hi, hello, I am 15 and a virgin. I bought a menstrual cup with my mom because its more environmentally. However, i have tried to insert it about 3 times now and have failed. I have used water based lube, sat in all the positions people told me to sit in, I've pushed a little to open up my pelvic region and nothing has helped. When i try to insert it i can get it a little ways up but its poking what i assume to be my urethra and it hurts so much! From what i can see using a mirror and just plain looking down, is that my urethra takes up half of my vaginal opening. Is that normal? Or am i looking at something different? I know its not my hymen because when i stick a finger up in there, its thick and rigged and goes up with the shape of the "canal". Anyone know how to combat this? I would very much like to try and use a menstrual cup but it keeps hitting this mass and i don't know what to do.



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