aligado wrote in menstrual_cups

High flow and low cervix that sticks into the cup

Hi everyone! 

I've been using a cup for almost a year now and after two cups I've decided to buy my third because I'm not quite comfortable with the ones I have. 

I have a high flow and my cervix is low, and I can't find a way to put my cup in without sticking my cervix into it, which means the cup gets filled really fast. I have a Lily cup compact that I can barely use because it gets filled almost immediately, and another cup (I don't know which brand) that collects about 27 mL. I have high leaks with both of them when they are not full (the Lily cup gets about 1/3 full and the second one half-full) because my cervix is occupying space inside the cups. I've tried to put the cup in other positions, but my cervix always gets inside of them. 

Also, I usually have really light leaks when the cup is empty, could it be because the cups are not firm enough? Though if the cervix is inside of the cup and it's not full I can't understand how there can be leaks. 

I was thinking about buying a Merula cup (due to its capacity and short length), but I don't know if that will solve my problem. Does anybody know any other brand that could work well?

If it helps, I'm 20, 1'70m and 58kg, I'm not an active person, I've never given birth and I'm not a virgin.


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