awesome_12345 (awesome_12345) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Overflow/Leaking at night

Hi everyone!
I’ve been using a small lunette for a couple cycles and it’s been going ok. I seem to be overflowing on my heaviest day and night which is manageable. However, on lighter nights I still seem to be leaking even when the cup is maybe 1/4 full. I do make sure that my cup is fully open and has a good seal. This works for me on my normal-light days. I also have an average cervix that dangles a bit into the cup which definitely takes up space and could explain the overflowing on heavier days. This cup could just be the wrong fit for me.. however on my first day and night, the cup was perfectly fine. It held up all night without any leaks and lasted about 8 hours during the day. So I am a bit confused as to what worked on the first night and failed on the others. I know that my leaks on lighter nights are not residual slobber, too much blood for that and they shouldn’t be overflows as my cup is really full when it does overflow on heavier days. It’s also possible that I might be sleeping in a bad position but this is really just me guessing. The cup works fine during the day, except for when it overflowed, but it’s at night when I have leaking issues. I was wondering if anyone has solutions or ideas. I am considering buying a new cup at some point.. maybe a small super Jennie or a small Lena. Thanks in advance!
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