Used menstrual cup for the first time- gave up because of fear and pain.

Basically I'm 21 years old virgin and I can't even use tampons because inserting them hurts- just like inserting a menstrual cup. I just can't do that. And as much as I would want to listen to some advices I'm not comfortable enough with my body, especially putting anything up my vagina... When I used it for the first time I almost cried and definitely panicked and now I'm just unable to insert it again. I also have awful period cramps and when I inserted the cup for the first time I just made those cramps worse and now I'm basically scared it will hurt again so my cup just sits in the drawer since last year's summer.

I saw many people talking about buying lube or what not but I just don't feel comfortable doing that... Not to mention I don't even touch myself. The most comfortable thing for me are pads.

The problem is I'm now mad at myself for wasting money, because it wasn't cheap so I want to SOMEHOW go back to trying.

I've basically traumatized myself if you can call it like that... And that's why I want some advices or something to make me want to use it again... I'm also not psychically active unless I'm at work.

About the cup: I'm 100% sure they aren't sold outside of my country, it's called "Selenacup" and I have it in size S, bought in Rossmann, I'm sure it's not the way it's made since the silicone is very firm and soft and when put under warm water it becomes even more soft.


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